The Blue and Yellow Moon

Using LRO data, we have created the topographic globe of the Moon as never seen before… in beautiful blue and yellow hues. You can travel on the Moon wherever you want to and discover not only craters, but also various multiring basins, ejecta patterns, winding lava channels, misterious hills, networks of wrinkle ridges, and tectonic scarps.

You can Download the globe kmz from

LROC data provided courtesy of NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University/DLR

From the Moon: Mapping & Exploration

From the Moon: Mapping & Exploration addresses our visual perceptions of the Moon, from Earth and from space, and demonstrates how advances in optical technologies have increased our understanding over time. This is an exhibition exploring our relationship to the Moon through the lens of the sciences. From Galileo’s first observations to today’s powerful telescopes, this exhibition will include a broad range of man’s attempts at mapping and understanding lunar history.