Video contest: Modern cartography

The International Cartographic Association invites students, young cartographers, enthusiasts to express their vision on modern cartography through the development of a video that will be suitable for uploading on YouTube.

It is envisaged that the video would focus on content like:
• how cartography  (including planetary cartography – Ed.) relates to situations in daily life;
• what is the role of cartographers (including planetary cartography! – Ed.).

A cash prize will be awarded to the amount of €300 to the winning video. The ICA will make the video available on YouTube, the ICA website and for promoting cartography globally.

The video will be made available free of charge to ICA national members, educationalists, etc.

Contestants must submit their video till the deadline, 1 June 2012.

The videos entered into this competition will be judged by the ICA Executive Committee.

Videos will be judged on originality, creativity, adherence to theme.

To enter, Contestants must upload their video to the web (preferably to YouTube) and send the link to the ICA Secretary-General:

• The video should be 2 minutes or less in duration and be produced in a format suitable for being uploaded on a web page.
• The video must be produced in English language or subtitled in English.
• All special devices should appear without any distinctive brand name or logo except the logo of ICA.
• If filming others, you must have their permission before it is submitted to the contest. These permissions must be emailed to the ICA Secretary-General along with the information regarding the link to the video.
• The competition is open to production companies and to individuals worldwide.
• ICA reserves the right to reject any video which is deemed to have been produced in poor taste, deemed inappropriate and/or does not meet the requirements.
• The participants will keep all author’s rights and related rights to their video. They will nevertheless give ICA the right:
to to communicate and broadcast the video to the general public on the website and at events, conferences,
to to disseminate the video via the internet.

The winner will receive the cash award and a certificate. The winner of the competition will and be announced on the ICA website.

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