Asteroid Stein got gemstones in English

IAU WGPSN has decided to start a new naming system for asteroid Stein, violating previous unwritten concepts of the planetary nomenclature. They have named 23 craters after gemstones, in English. So far the  planetary nomenclature seemed to be “international waters”, and used Latin as a neutral platform for naming features. Now this is officially over: although gemstone names  have international roots and most of them do sound alike in most languages, names like “Diamond”, “Agate”, “Emerald”, “Garnet” are clearly discriminating all languages that use a different form.  If IAU WGPSN would want to stick to their own traditions of internationalism, they should have tried to name these features in Latin (adamas, achates, smaragdus, granatus etc.) but they did not seem to care about it. Now explain planetary science students in non-English countries why a gemstone’s name should be written in English on an asteroid.


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