Phobos-GIS is now available from MexLab

New interactive GIS of Phobos, moon of Mars, based on new results of image processing of Mars Express data are now available online from MIIGAiK, Moscow. The GIS was presented by Irina Karachevtseva, head of MexLab at MIIGAiK, at the iCC2013 conferece.

MIIGAiK MexLab Phobos map



Interface of the digital multilayer Phobos map

Irina Karachevtseva presents MIIGAiK's results


Irina Karachevtseva presents MIIGAiK’s results



Phobos GIS:

Phobos Topographic Map (MexLab 2012)

Phobos Crater Zone Statistics:


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