The Traverse of The Martian (book/movie): Map

Here is our map of the area covered by Andy Weir’s 2011 novel, The Martian. The movie will be released on Oct 2, 2015. Take the map with you and follow the story cartographically.

If you click on the link below this map, You’ll get fictional astronaut Mark Watney’s traverse on the real Martian terrain.


Copyright notice: this map is in the public domain and is derived from public domain datasets.


Click here → for the map that shows Mark Watney’s traverse

Topography: MOLA gridded data
Geology: Tanaka, K.L., Skinner, J.A., Jr., Dohm, J.M., Irwin, R.P., III, Kolb, E.J., Fortezzo, C.M., Platz, T., Michael, G.G., and Hare, T.M., 2014, Geologic map of Mars: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3292, scale 1:20,000,000, pamphlet 43 p.,
Valleys: Hynek Valley Network Database 

Lunar and Planetary Cartography in Russia (New Book)


The detailed history of planetary cartography in Russia (and the Soviet Union) is finally published in English. The book chapters cover maps, atlases and globes of the Moon, Mars, Phobos, Deimos and Venus, up to the latest planetary cartographic products, and separate chapters deal with the first maps of the lunar far side, and lunar toponymy.

From Springer: “This book is the first to document in depth the history of lunar and planetary cartography in Russia. The first map of the far side of the Moon was made with the participation of Lomonosov Moscow University (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, MSU) in 1960. The developed mapping technologies were then used in preparing the “Complete Map of the Moon” in 1967 as well as other maps and globes.”

Vladislav Shevchenko, Zhanna Rodionova, Gregory Michael (2015): Lunar and Planetary Cartography in Russia. Springer.