Mapping for Space Mining?

The “First Conference of Future and Emerging Mining”


One of the most important drives for geologic mapping have come from the mining industry. This aspect has not been relevant for other planets yet, but the new era of geologic mapping is on the horizon. The “1st conference of Future and Emerging Mining” will be held just before Christmas, next to Las Vegas, USA, perhaps signalling the potentials and risks of the future space mining business.

Professor Kefei Zhang (SPACE Research Centre of RMIT, Australia) told us that a wide range of disciplines are expected to be present, including mining, geodesy / geo-sciences, planetary science, space science, mineral resources, robotics, Earth observation systems and geomatics.

The conference is organized by the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) that is “ranked the best mining university” in the People’s Republic of China (Wikipedia). The other organizing institute is the Colorado School of Mines (CSM). The event is also sponsored by the International Society for Mine Surveying, the RMIT University from Australia and the University of Nevada.


China is about to establish a research center for space mining 

Dr Zhang told us that it is planned that “a new research institute is going to be formally established in CUMT” related to space and future mining using emerging technologies. Starting a new journal on this topic is also under way.

The CUMT space mining institute in PR China has up to 5 postdoctoral researcher positions open now. Full PhD scholarships are also available from the Chinese Ministry of Education that cover both tuition fee and living expenses.

For potential future opportunities, including post-doctoral fellows, PhD scholarships, academic collaboration, grants etc. please feel free to contact the CUMT via  email:, or

The conference website is at:


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