The Global Geomorphic Map of Titan

Rosaly Lopes and her colleagues have completed the map of the major geomorphic units on Titan at 1:20 million scale. They identified and mapped six geomorphic units: plains, dunes, hummocky terrain, lakes, labyrinth terrain and craters and also identifed their stratigraphic relations.




Planetary Cartography at the EGU2020

We would like to draw your attention to the session on Planetary Cartography, Mapping and GIS (PS6.3 Co-organized by ESSI4/G13) at the EGU in Vienna (3-8 May 2020).

This session welcomes presentations covering a wide range of topics on planetary maps, cartography as well as planetary data management and visualization.

Specifically, we invite contributions in the fields of data archiving, dissemination, structuring, analyzing, filtering, visualizing, data collaboration, and map compilation.

We welcome in particular contributions from the Earth Mapping and Data Sciences for discussions and exchange of experience.

Abstract Deadline is 15 January, 2020 (13:00 CET).

Session details:


Information on financial support (for students, early career, and established scientists):

Note, that those seeking financial support must submit their abstract by 1 December 2019 to be eligible.

We are looking forward to your contribution and to seeing you in Vienna next year,

The Conveners

(Andrea Nass, Angelo Pio Rossi, Alessandro Frigeri, Stephan van Gasselt, and Valentina Galluzzi)