11th General Assembly of ICA, 14-21 August 1999, Ottawa, Canada

The 19th International Cartographic Conference, in association with the 11th General Assembly of the International Cartographic Association (ICA), was held in Ottawa during August 14-21, 1999. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and the conference venue was in the heart of the city close to the Parliament buildings and their associated pagentry. The meetings allowed hundreds of delegates from about 80 nations to discuss topics related to map generation and utilization.

At this conference the Planetary Cartography Working Group became the Commission on Planetary Cartography. Kira Shingareva was elected the Chairman of the Commission by the General Assembly. Jim Zimbelman was designated as Co-Chairman by the Chairman. New Terms of References and Proposed Activities for the next four year period were submitted to, and approved by, the General Assembly, and a report covering the previous four-year period was also submitted to the Executive Committee of the ICA.

Members who attended the Commission meeting at Ottawa on August 17, 1999. Left to right: Phil Stooke, Hartmut Lehmann, Kira Shingareva, Jim Zimbelman, Bianna Krasnopevtseva, Foerg Albertz, Manfred Buchroithner.

On August 17, form 3:30 to 5 pm, the Commission held a meeting at one of the conference rooms near the conference center. At this meeting, the group discussed the change in status from a Working Group to a Commission, the Chairman and Co-Chairman designations for the new Commission, the submitted Terms of Reference and List of Activities, the Mars Multilingual Map and its possible publication by the ICA, the next meeting location (tentatively, Amsterdam, in conjunction with the ISPRS meeting held during the second half of July, 2000), discussion of the Glossary of Planetary Cartography map terms, and desired additions to the Commission web page. Members in attendance at this meeting were: Philip Stooke, Jim Zimbelman, Kira Shingareva, Bianna Krasnopevtseva, Foerg Albertz, Manfred Buchroithner, and Hartmut Lehmann. Randolf Kirk and Maxim Nyrtsov were present at the conference but not at the Commission meeting, and Egon Dorrer e-mailed his regrets at not being able to attend due to a physical condition.

Kira Shingareva, Bianna Krasnopevtseva, and Bengt Rystedt (the new President of the ICA), in front of the Commission poster at the ICA General Assembly.

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