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“Intercarto 10” (Vladivostok-China, June, 2004)


Vladivostok , Russia July, 12-15, 2004


Henrik I. Hargital , Lazányi J. ( Hungary ) Multingual planetary maps for non-professional audience: visualization and nomenclature

Bugaevskiy L.M.., Shingareva K.B., Fleys M.E. ( Moscow ) Morphographic Projection Transformation to Triaxial Ellipsoid Composed Projection

Krasnopevtseva B.V., Shingareva K.B., Leonenko S.M.,Karachentseva I.P. ( Москва ) Concept development of electronic atlas for terrestrial planets and their Moons

Kurpichev A.V. , Krasnopevtseva B.V., NazarovV.N. ( Moscow ) GIS development on the results of Russian space programs


On July 2004 the Scientific Conference “INTERCARTO-10” took place in Vladivostok (12-15 July 2004) and Chan-Chun, China (16-19 July 2004). The title of this Conference was “Sustainable Development of Territories: GIS and Practical Experience”.

A session on Planetary Cartography and the Commission’s meeting took place during the conference.

There were many questions concerning the current state and development of Planetary Cartography. An excursion on a ship along Vladivostok bay was organized as a post-conference event.

Kira Shingareva, Chair ICA Commission on Planetary Cartography (Source: ICA News 2004. dec)

Participants of the Planetary Cartography Session in Vladivostok


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