“Intercarto 12” (Kaliningrad-Berlin, August 2006)

InterCarto – InterCarto – InterGIS 12   Berlin,  August 28 –– InterGIS 12   Berlin,  August 28–30, 2006 –30, 2006


Thomas Roatsch, Marita Wählisch, Frank  Scholten, Angelika Hoffmeister, KlausDieter Matz, Gerhard Neukum, Carolyn C.  Porco  Mapping of the icy Saturnian satellites –  Results from CASSINI-ISS

K.Shingareva, B.Krasnopevtseva, S. Leonenko, M.Fleis, M.F.Buchroithner, O.Waelder, Ph.Stooke Mars Moons First Multilingual Map (final version)

Evgeniy Lazarev, Zhanna Rodionova, Julia Iluhina, Pavel Litvin The creation of the Moon, Mars and Venus hypsometric maps series according to the remote sensing data

S.G. Pugacheva, V.V. Shevchenko Interpretation of the Photometric Observations of Mercury from MARINER-10

Henrik Hargitai, Szaniszló Bérczi Planetary maps for education: the completion of the series: Multilingual maps of Terrestrial Planets and their Moon


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