Report 2003-2007

ICA Commission on Planetary Cartography08/2003 to 08/2007
based on the Planetary Cartography Working Group (1995-1999).
Chairperson: Kira Shingareva (Russia3).

Co-chair: Jim Zimbelman (USA)

  1. Ph.Stooke (Canada),
  2. M.Buchroithner (Germany),
  3. Ms. O.Waelder (Germany),
  4. E.Dorrer (Germany),
  5. E.Kastorny (Moldova),
  6. V.Kaidash Ukraine),
  7. Yu.Shkuratov (Ukraine),
  8. Henrik Hargitai (Hungary),
  9. J.Rodionova (Russia),
  10. S.Pugacheva (Russia),
  11. R.Peres (Spain),
  12. B.V.Krasnopevtseva (Russia),
  13. L.Bugaevsky (Russia),
  14. V.Savinykh (Russia),
  15. M.Waehlisch (German),
  16. I.Karachevtseva (Russia),
  17. E.Cherepanova (Russia),
  18. E.Lazarev (Russia),
  19. T.Duxbury (USA),
  20. R.Kirk (USA),
  21. Ms. M Randyarv (Estland).

Corresponding members:

  1. R.Arvidson (USA),
  2. J.Blue (USA),
  3. D.Crown (USA),
  4. K.Edgett (USA),
  5. G.McGill (USA),
  6. H.Morgan (USA),
  7. T.Parker (USA),
  8. K.Tanaka (USA),
  9. S.Williams (USA),
  10. V.Hansen (USA),
  11. Ch. Acton (USA),
  12. S.Leonenko (Russia),
  13. A.Kurpichev (Russia),
  14. M.Waellish (Germany),
  15. D. Baratoux (France),
  16. B.Kereszturi (Hungary),
  17. M.Nyrtsov (Russia)

Other affiliates:

  1. T.Bandrova (Bulgaria),
  2. A.Ruekl (Czechia),
  3. R.Pischel (Germany),
  4. D.Rosa (Croatia),
  5. T.Kundera (Poland),
  6. E Peneva (Bulgaria),
  7. L.Rykhlova (Russia).

Activities according to the terms of reference.
a). The preliminary structure of Specialized Planetary Cartography GIS is prepared for
discussion in Moscow. (Some models are developed).
b). Gathering of material on planetary cartography is continuing.
c). Development of a multilingual planetary map series. This effort was organized initially
through the cooperation of Dresden TU (Germany) and Moscow State University of Geodesy
and Cartography (Russia), later the University of Western Ontario (Canada) was coincided too.
The first map in this series was a Mars Map with accompanying text in five languages
(Stockholm, a preliminary version -1997, a final version -1999); the second map is a Venus Map
(Beijing, a preliminary version -2001, a final version -2002); the third map is a Moon Map (St.
Petersburg, preliminary version-2002, a final version -2003); the fourth map is Mercury Map
(Durban, a preliminary version- 2003, a final version -2004); the fifth map is Phobos and
Deimos Map ( La Coruna, a preliminary version – 2005, a final version – 2006).
The whole series (Part I has 5 Maps of Terrestrial Planets and their Moons) will be
demonstrated in Moscow at ICC2007.
d) The next phase of the multilingual map series involves compilation of planetary maps on the
same base as in the first part, but for additional language groups. For the first maps, we are
preparing text in Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Croatian. The cooperation on this
project is organized through Eotveos-Lorand University (Budapest, Hungary) and through
consultation of Russian and German colleagues. Today Mars, Venus and Moon maps have
already been published, and the Mercury with Phobos and Deimos maps are in preparation.
e). The first version of Glossary on Planetary Cartography (about 100 terms, English and
Russian) was represented and discussed during the ICC in Beijing, 2001. It was prepared in
cooperation with colleagues from Russia, USA, Germany, later Spain. The second Glossary
version (about 220 terms) on 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian) with
cross intersecting is prepared and will be presented in Moscow, ICC2007.

f). very close contact with WG of Extraterrestrial Mapping (ISPRS, chair Randy Kirk), with IAU
Commission on Solar System Nomenclature (G.Burba, V. Shevchenko and others), and with
Prof. J. Albertz and others (DLR) etc.
6) Seminars/Workshops
During last 4 years the one Special session on Planetary Cartography (5 oral presentations) took
place in frames of “Intercarto 10” (Vladivostok-China, June, 2004); one Special Session (4 oral
presentations) prepared in frames of “Intercarto 11” (Stavropol-Budapest,, August,2005); some
members of Commission took part in the ICC Seminar on Children and Cartography ( Madrid,
July 2005 before ICC Conference in La Coruna) and in the first International Conference on
“Cartography and GIS” (Borovetz near Sofia, Bulgaria, January 2006); the two Special sessions
on Planetary Cartography (8 oral presentations) took place in frames of “Intercarto 12”
(Kaliningrad-Berlin, August 2006). After ICC2007 in Moscow some Com.members will take
part in “Intercarto 13” (Khanty-Mansiisk-Canada).
7). Publications
Kira B. Shingareva, Jim Zimbelman, Manfred Buchroithner, Henrik Hargitai
“The Realization of ICA Commission Projects on Planetary Cartography”, published in J.
“Cartografica” (Canada) in February, 2006.
The compilation and printing of a multilingual map series of planets and their moons is
organized under both the scientific and (limited) financial support of ICA (Commission on
Planetary Cartography).
The papers of sessions and seminars were published in their respective proceedings.
The secondary version of Glossary on Planetary Cartography will be multiplied and represented
during ICC2007 (Moscow, Aug.2007)).

8). Business Meetings
The following business meetings were held:

  • 2003, June 28 at the “Intercarto 9” in Sevastopol  (Ukraine);
  • 2003, 14 August at the ICC 2003 in Durban (ZA),
  • “Intercarto 10” (VladivostokChina, June, 2004);
  • “Intercarto 11” (Stavropol-Budapest, August,2005);
  • “Intercarto 12” (Kaliningrad-Berlin, August 2006).
  • ICC2007 (Moscow, Aug.07,2007).

9). Future of the Commission

  • a). To continue the documentation and analysis of the planetary cartography status within the international community.
  • b). Preparation to print and printing the multilingual Glossary of planetary cartographic terms after necessary correction and reduction ( in 5 langueges).
  • c). To continue the series of multilingual maps in two parallel directions; vis. to organize and print existing maps for new groups of languages (Italien and Co), and to compile and print maps  of other Solar System Bodies. The next series will be included the moons of the giant-planets.  The Jo map is in work.
  • d). A new project on construction of a Specialized Planetary Cartography GIS.
  • e) To discuss the role of planetary cartography in the development of the Extraterrestrial Territory Geography, especially in connection with the global education process. The publication  of the Education Program and the Textbook on this field.

Com. Poster will be presented on ICC2007 Conference.

July 28, 2007/Kira Shingareva, Jim Zimbelman


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