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Terms of reference


  1. Strengthen Education and Public Outreach activities through the series of Multilingual Maps of Terrestrial Planets and their Moons and development of derived products
  2. Development of online resources in professional planetary cartography (databases, symbology, landform classes), including participation in Specialized Planetary Cartography GIS projects and Planetary Nomenclature / Gazetteer supplements
  3. Book or book chapter in planetary cartography related topics for use by researchers and university students
  4. Continuous updating of the Commission website, Facebook page and International Planetary Cartography Database.

Cartographie planétaire 2015-2019

  1. Renforcer la formation et les activités de sensibilisation du public à travers une série de cartes multilingues des planètes telluriques et de leurs satellites ainsi que des produits dérivés.
  2. Développer des ressources en ligne sur le sujet de la cartographie planétaire faite par les professionnels (base de données, symbolisation, types de relief) incluant la participation des projets sur la cartographie des planètes et sur la nomenclature et les indexes géographiques.
  3. Ecrire ouvrage ou un chapitre d’ouvrage sur la cartographie planétaire pour les chercheurs et étudiants universitaires.
  4. Maintenir le site web de la commission, la page facebook et la base de données internationale de la cartographie des planètes.



  1. Update of the Multilingual Maps of Terrestrial Planets and their Moons series
  2. Participation in Specialized Planetary Cartography GIS projects
  3. Planetary Nomenclature / Gazetteer supplements
  4. Foundation of a new, bi-annual international children‘s and student‘s drawing competition, with special focus on planetary cartography
  5. Development of a curriculum for geography or physics teachers at high school level, in which they can use planetary cartographic products
  6. Participation in the making of a textbook on Extraterrestrial Geography at high school and university level, and creation of cartographic products for this available online
  7. Online resources
  8. Creation of a new, updated website for the commission with various resources for the planetary cartographer community worldwide, including the International Planetary Cartography Database which is a documentation, bibliography and analysis of the international planetary cartography products
  9. Making official contacts with the WG of Extraterrestrial Mapping at ISPRS, with IAU Commission on Solar System Nomenclature, with planetary mapping groups in Germany (DLR), the USA (NASA/USGS), China and Japan
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