Terms of Reference 1997 Stockholm

Overall Theme

Harmonization of international planetary cartography efforts. Note that “harmonization” is not the same as “homogenization”. We are not advocating an effort to make all national programs look the same. Instead, we are interested in facilitating the free interchange of ideas and information between various national efforts that incorporate some component of planetary cartography.

1. The promotion of all aspects of planetary cartography in an international setting:

  • scientific research
  • education
  • public outreach

2. Documentation and analysis of the present status of planetary cartography within the international community.
3. Evaluation of possible methods for harmonization of planetary cartographic activities around the world.
4. Communication of conclusions and ideas with groups representing other international scientific and educational bodies.

These terms will be addressed through the Proposed List of Activities:

[Target date for completion given within square brackets. Initials show which of the attendees at the Stockholm meeting will work on each specified topic]

1. Establish a World Wide Web site to enhance rapid communication [March 1998; JZ, HL]. The Web page should be updated on a bimonthly basis to facilitate communications of planetary cartographic information throughout the world.

2. Collect information on the global status of planetary cartographic products and plans. This will be acheived through a survey of planetary cartographic products and services available in as many countries as possible, dependent upon identifying at least one point of contact within each country surveyed [June 1998; KS, BK].

3. Production of a multilingual planetary map series. The first map will be of Mars, with accompanying text in at least English, Russian, German, French, and Spanish [October 1998; KS, MB,BK]. Subsequent maps of other planets would follow on roughly a two-year basis per map.

4. Establish liaison between the ICA and various national or international space-related groups [October 1998]. Groups targeted for first attention in this effort are: IAU [JZ], ISPRS [ED], COSPAR [?], USGS [JZ], NASA [JZ], RKI [BK, KS], DLR [HL,MB], NASDA [JZ], ESA [MB], CSA [?], IAF [KS], ISRL [KS]

5. Schedule at least one meeting per year where the Working Group members can discuss issues face to face. Tentatively the meeting targeted for 1998 would be held in Moscow, in conjunction with the annual Brown/Vernadsky Microsymposium [tent., October 1998; KS, BK]. The meeting for 1999 would take place at the Ottawa ICA meeting [October].

6. Generation of multilingual glossary of terms used in planetary cartography [First version, June 1998; JZ,MB,ED]. The goal here is to document terms that have different uses in various national programs; for example, ‘hypsometric’ in Russian is equivalent to ‘topographic’ in English and German usage.


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