About us

The International Cartographic Association (ICA) Commission on Planetary Cartography was officially established as a continuation of the ICA Planetary Cartography Working Group (1995-1999) at the ICA Congress in Ottawa in August 1999. The working group was established during the 1995 ICA congress in Barcelona, initiated by Kira Shingareva (Russia), Manfred Buchroithner (Germany), and Jim Zimbelman (USA).

Our 2015-19 aim is to

in general

  • connect planetary scientists working at different national agencies, universities and research institutes;
  • encourage cartographers, researchers, graphic artists, and students to join the planetary cartographic community even in those countries that have no space mission.
  • provide access to feature databases and base maps to map publishers and encourage them to publish planetary themed maps in their atlases and portfolio
  • help the development of international standards in planetary cartography
  • document and promote planetary cartographic products and activities
  • focus on interpreted map products, such as geomorphic maps, physical geographic maps, geologic maps, thematic surface feature maps.

in particular


Contact / e-mail

If you want to contact ICA CPC (Commission on Planetary Cartograhphy) please write to planetarymap[at]gmail.com. If you want to be a member of ICA CPC, go to our Members page.

Website info

Responsible for this site’s content:
ICA CPC – International Cartographic Association Commission on Planetary Cartography, Henrik Hargitai hhargitai/at/gmail.com
Website design: Mateusz Pitura
The ICA is officially registered as an idealistic non-profit organization in the Swedish National Organization Register since 20 January 2000 (number 885002-1018).

The former website of ICA CPC was maintained from 1997 to 2011 by Jim Zimbelman. Thank you!


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