Winners of the Exploration Zone Competition

Mars Exploration Zone Map Design Competition –  Winners

In Young Professional category:
1st place: Eian Ray (USA – Eastern Valles Marineris)
2nd place: Jonathan Ocon (USA – Acheron Fossae)
3rd place: JJ Moran (USA – Huygens Crater)
Honorable Mention: Matthew Leach (UK)

In University Student category:
1st place: Mateusz Pitura (Poland – Hebrus Valles)
2nd place: Brandon Zegiel, Gary Brown, David Brown, and Larry Lang (USA – Viking)
3rd place: Amy Wootton (South Africa – Noachis Terra)

In Middle and High School Student category:
Winner: Sujit Lakshmikanth (USA – Mawrth Vallis)

In Citizen Scientist and Professional category:
Winner: Camillo Battistioli (Italy – Acheron Fossae)

Congratulations to all the Mars mappers from three continents!

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